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TECHNIC’s PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION GROUP is experienced in installing pipelines across hills, flood plains, wetlands, farmlands, rural areas, congested urban and suburban areas, across rivers and creeks, under highways and railroads; in soils from alluvium to soggy marshland and boiling sand. TECHNIC has the supervisory staff and equipment required to construct small inch and big inch projects, and has to date installed over 1000 km of pipelines ranging in size from 1 inch to 36 inch diameter and operating pressures ranging from 50 psig to 1250 psig.

This group also has pipeline construction personnel who are available to assist clients, if necessary, with the final routing of proposed pipeline projects. After field reconnaissance of the proposed route, these personnel will make recommendations to improve the constructability of the pipeline, which may include some changes in the route and the methods of construction. When requested by the client, these personnel can prepare construction plans and schedules and construction cost estimates, and can assist in the preparation of environmental assessments.

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