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Mozammel Haque Zillu,

Managing Director



TECHNIC Construction Company Ltd., founded in 1982 by Mr. Mozammel Haque Zillu, as a small Civil Engineering and Construction Company, has now grown into one of the leading Pipeline Contractors in Bangladesh.

TECHNIC had started its business with the wining of the contract for construction of Experimental Low-cost Labor Housing in various Tea Plantations in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh that was financed by the Overseas Development Agency (now DFID) of the UK Government

After its enlistment with PETROBANGLA as Pipeline Contractor in 1982, TECHNIC had expanded its business and ventured into pipeline construction sector. Since then, TECHNIC has installed over 1000 km of pipelines to date, from natural gas distribution networks to gas transmission pipeline, pipe sizes ranging in size from 1 inch to 36 inch diameter and operating pressures ranging from 50 psig to 1250 psig.

TECHNIC is now a qualified high-pressure pipeline contractor enlisted with PETROBANGLA and its companies under Category 1.4.

TECHNIC is experienced in installing pipelines across hills, flood plains, wetlands, farmlands, rural areas, congested urban and suburban areas, across rivers and creeks, under highways and railroads; in soils from alluvium to soggy marshland and boiling sand.

TECHNIC has the supervisory staff and equipment required to construct small inch and big inch projects, and has to date installed over 1000 km of pipelines ranging in size from 1 inch to 36 inch diameter and operating pressures ranging from 50 psig to 1250 psig.

In addition to its many years of experience in building all sizes of onshore pipelines, TECHNIC has developed additional capabilities in the fields of hydrostatic testing, pigging, dewatering and drying, commissioning, fabrication and installation of pig-launcher, pig-receiver, mainline valve station, pressure regulating and metering station, town border station and installation of cathodic protection system .

Acquiring experience and expertise over the years, TECHNIC has expanded its business in the field of THERMIT WELDING of railway tracks and by now TECHNIC is a well-known name with Bangladesh Railway as well.

TECHNIC’s 37-years long work history in the field of civil construction, pipeline construction and thermit welding works has gained the company a reputation for providing high quality service to the pipeline construction, mechanical engineering and railway track welding.

TECHNIC’s personnel are responsible, devoted and experienced individuals who work closely with the clients to provide cost effective, high quality construction projects. The expertise and experience of this organization will offer our clients continuity and dependability as we have in the past.



We take pride in our people and they take pride in their work because they do it well. They know their job and they know what it takes to handle a difficult situation. The people of TECHNIC make the difference and can adapt to working safely and efficiently even in a difficult working environment.

TECHNIC places high regard on quality human resources and has, since its foundation, steadily built up a cadre of permanent staff who are able to utilize modern technology to carry out its responsibilities to the highest acceptable standards.

The workforce, comprising of technical, financial, administrative and specialized expertise, is now more than 200 strong. Emphasis is placed on the quality of employees who are encouraged to work as a team.

The team spirit is promoted throughout the Company’s internal program of education and training. TECHNIC’s policy in recruitment is selective and systematic. The staffs are upgraded in their skills through opportunities made available during their services in the Company.

The collective skills of the Group as a whole - in management, technical and other support services - are a formidable resource at the disposal of Company’s clients and can be brought to bear on any project.








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