Quality Control


The development industry has been scuffling with quality issues for several years, and therefore the cost to our economy is dramatic. The price could potentially be reduced significantly if the industry were to embrace the concept of quality assurance that has been used with great success by many other sectors of the economy.

Internal control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) represent increasingly important concerns for project managers. Defects or failures in constructed facilities may result in very large costs. Even with minor defects, re-construction is also required and facility operations impaired. Increased costs and delays are the result. Quality Assurance and internal control is an important a part of any construction process to boost the standard and uniformity of the project.


Our Key Objectives for Quality Assurance Management:

  • To identify the prerequisites for QA and QC and develop the concepts and procedures,
  • To understand the concept of QA and QC specifications and apply to the construction.
  • To understand the general process of performance related specifications and testing procedures for construction materials.
  • To develop checklist for onsite inspection for appraising the QA and QC data periodically.
  • To provide Project Quality Plan is to define activities / tasks that focus on achieving customer’s quality expectations.


These activities / tasks are defined on the basis of the quality standards set by the organization delivering the product.


Technic Construction Company have a very impressive reputation in project quality assurance all over Bangladesh & internationally. We proudly say we have a very affective quality assurance management team between us as well as we train people with potential caliber & capabilities.


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9000 facilitates the implementation of standards, activities, systems, responsibilities etc. The advantage of ISO-9000 is, it improves quality image of the company. It gives marketing advantage. It improves efficiency, reduces wastage. It ensures customer satisfaction.

ISO-9000 is a series of international standards for quality management and quality assurance system. ISO-9000 is a series which are continuously updated. ISO-9000 Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standards- Selection and Uses. This standard provides a guideline for selecting the appropriate standard from ISO 9001 and 9002.


We are ISO certified company for project quality assurance.




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