Health,Safety & Environment

Technic Construction Company Ltd. conducts a worksite analysis, through systematic actions that provide information as needed to recognize and understand the hazards and potential hazards of our workplace. Listed below are types of worksite analysis actions that can assist with making an inventory of potential hazards in our workplace:

TCCL utilizes Job Safety Analysis to determine potential hazards and identify methods to reduce exposure to the hazards. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a method of planning for safety and health.

TCCL analyzes new facilities, equipment, processes, and materials for hazards and potential hazards. Findings will be documented and plans developed to minimize or design out the hazards. Our employees play a key role in identifying, controlling, and reporting hazards that may occur or already exist in the workplace. Employee reports of potential hazards can be an effective tool to trigger a closer look at a piece of equipment, operation, or how work is being performed.

TCCL conducts daily job site inspections.  Hazards will be documented, reviewed, and corrections will be made in a timely manner.  More detailed, written inspections are conducting on a weekly basis.

TCCL provides PPE as per their work requirement and no cost charged from employees. A register for issue PPE to the employees maintaining and if any replacement is made that is also to be registered. PPE is used to minimize exposure to a variety of hazards. Employees always uses PPE while they are in the workplace and is solely responsible for maintenance of PPE provided to them.

First aid kit is available on site at all times. A trained person assigned by TCCL is present on site for primary treatment of the injured workers.  In case of emergency where an employee is severely injured, contact the Project Manager or other responsible person immediately.

TCCL provides HSE training to assure the requirements standards are met and continuously    evaluate employee training needs to keep workers safe and healthy on the job including New Employee Orientation, Toolbox Talks etc.






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