TECHNIC promotes integrity and the highest ethical standards in all aspects of its business. At TECHNIC, we want to work with third parties who share our values and culture of integrity.


TECHNIC’s suppliers, subcontractors and representatives, as well as anyone working for them or acting on their behalf (including their employees, consultants, suppliers and representatives) must adhere to and share the principles expressed in this Supplier Code of Conduct. For the purpose of this document, the term “supplier” includes them all.

This means that all suppliers must enforce obligations as strict as those set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct upon their own suppliers whenever they are involved in TECHNIC business or related activities.

It also means that all suppliers must provide their employees with enough information and training to make sure that they understand and comply with the obligations set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct.

Suppliers must confirm, in writing, that they will comply with the principles set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct.

We can all contribute to maintaining our high ethical standards by speaking up whenever we encounter a situation that might raise questions about integrity or misconduct. We ask that our suppliers do the same.

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