As a renowned construction company in Bangladesh, Technic Construction Company Ltd. is integrated with its alternative disciplines to make a coordinated, quick, cheap, and economical civil engineering company. That fosters seamless design for our clients. We are able to reply to project revisions among minutes or hours instead of weeks and months.

Permitting our clients to maneuver from thought to construction so much quicker than ancient ways. Technic will take complete possession of the method. Permitting our clients to concentrate on their business whereas we have a tendency to concentrate on the project.

For more than twenty years, Total Civil Construction has been privileged to tackle complex projects, find solutions to challenges, and achieve success for diverse projects in regions surrounding the nation’s capital. The foundation of our success is based on forging healthy partnerships with our clients through ethical business practices, shared vision, and ongoing communication. Our Total Civil Construction turns drawings into deliverables.

Using expert analysis, value engineering, and industry-specific project management technology to track time and cost throughout all phases of a project, Total Civil Construction’s performance model is based on real-time analysis to identify emerging issues and implement corrective action with optimal efficiency.

♦We complete projects within budget and on time.

♦We do not compromise on safety protocols and quality assurance.

These are our objectives regardless of the size and scope of the project.


We Bring Value to Your Vision


Technic’s specialties include:


  • Interfacing with regulative agencies regarding design and allowing documentation
  • Hydraulic and hydrogeologic design and analysis
  • Roadway and drain systems design
  • Utilities, water, sewer, fireplace protection, gas, and alternative underground utility design
  • Collaborating with geotechnical engineers, surveyors, environmental and ground consultants
  • Grading for building pad and alternative enhancements design
  • Incremental project design reviews
  • Site choice and property acquisition